Build your confidence in digital marketing

with our expert coaching and training solutions

Frustrated with poor results from social media marketing?

Tired of no engagement? Feeling overwhelmed?

Help is at hand!

Kirsty Lawrence, Founder of Mann Social and experienced social media coach, can help you through a range of training and coaching services.

For years Kirsty has guided, trained and mentored business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing teams to improve their social media marketing skills with incredible results!

Supercharge your strategy

You’re ready to leverage the power of online channels to grow your business. You want to better understand the online landscape and make sure your investment in digital marketing is worthwhile.

You want to feel organised and motivated to build a consistent online presence. And you want to feel confident that the content you create and post will generate a return on your investment of time.

When you invest in our package of three power hours over a 6 week period you will get the strategic plan in place that you need to succeed online. With detailed follow-up notes, including short training videos and planning resources, Kirsty will get you up and running with confidence!

Kirsty will show you the tactics likely to work best for your business. Depending on your needs, she may create your content plan, progress your lead magnet and email nurture sequence or develop your winning ads strategy.

After each session you will receive bespoke follow-up materials which may include:
• Strategy outline
• Link to bespoke Canva templates
• Bespoke social media posting schedule
• Sample posts and/or ads
• PDF guides
• Links to tools
• Links to short training videos
• Tips on copywriting – the real key to success on social media

Sessions are online or in person if you’re in the Isle of Man.

1 to 1 social media training

Find your confidence with social media marketing with bespoke sessions designed around you.

From Facebook™ to LinkedIn™, content planning to social media advertising – we can cover what you need.

Sessions are online or in person if you’re in the Isle of Man.

1 to 1 social media confidence and clarity coaching

We know that social media can be a great opportunity, but sometimes it’s tough to find the time or motivation for what feels like an endless stream of posts with no results.

In this gentle session, Kirsty can help turn your struggle into success by leveraging the science of positive psychology to supercharge your confidence.

A certified positive psychology coach, Kirsty will use proven integrations and exercises to help you to remove blocks, power up your social media presence and achieve your business goals.

Sessions are online or in person if you’re in the Isle of Man.

Group social media coaching

Frustrated with using social media to market your business?

Wishing you knew what to post to get the results you need to grow your business?

Come and join our in-person digital marketing group coaching session in the beautiful surroundings of St John’s Mill.

Meet like-minded business owners and find the solutions to your marketing woes.

Learn copywriting tricks, simple tactics to generate more enquiries and bust those mindset blocks!

This is an in-person event for those on the Isle of Man only.