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Frustrated with poor results from social media marketing?

Ready to update your online presence and turn it into a powerful marketing tool?

Help is at hand!

Kirsty Lawrence, Founder of Mann Social and experienced social media coach, can help you through a range of training and coaching services.

For years Kirsty has guided, trained and mentored business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing teams to improve their social media marketing skills with incredible results!

 Social media strategy session

Your strategy session – whether a one off, or a series 3 – will meet you where you are at in your marketing journey. Sessions can focus on any of the following:

  • Setting objectives and goals for your social media marketing efforts
  • Discussing the importance of foundational, key messaging and what that might look like for your business to ensure clarity and understanding when talking and writing about your services
  • Mapping out a content strategy designed to resonate with your ideal clients’ pain points and desires
  • Mapping out an achievable social media marketing plan and schedule (we can build in some accountability support here if required)
  • Mapping out your digital marketing funnel – from social media to email list-building and sales – we’ll build a plan designed to get you the results you desire
  • Teaching you the types of content you need to share on the different platforms in 2024 in order to cut through the noise and get results
  • Defining your social media networking strategy, helping to place you and your business as the go-to experts in your space
  • Taking you through the steps to getting visible as the expert you are using video
  • Teaching you how to use tools to make your social media marketing more efficient for example scheduling tools, captioning tools, graphics and video creation tools and AI.
  • Working through any personal blocks you have to becoming more visible on social media using proven positive psychology tools
  • Teaching you what to measure and how to track it in order to understand the return on investment from social media marketing
  • How to set up a simple Facebook or Instagram ad campaign and how to understand the results
  • Checking the health of any Facebook and Instagram Advertising campaigns you have running and how to improve, to ensure ample return on investment
  • Unravelling messy Facebook and Meta Business Managers and ensuring everything is set up correctly and safely on the back end

After each session you will receive a detailed follow up along with links to any resources and training videos we have discussed during our session.

Sessions are £197 plus VAT for one hour, or £547 plus VAT for 3 sessions taken within a period of 8 weeks.

What Kirsty’s students say:

“I would recommend Kirsty to everyone, she’s a wonder and an absolute fountain of knowledge!”

-Emma Humphrey

“It was brilliant to work with Kirsty, her knowledge of all things social media is fantastic and her enthusiasm contagious. I learned so much from what seemed like just having a chat. Kirsty has a really relaxed way of sharing her social media secrets and tips, following up quickly with some really practical tools and documents.”

-Nicola Quayle, Positive Solutions HR

Mentoring and Training Programs

Lost at sea in the world of online marketing? Find your way with us.

Kirsty is a brilliant mentor and guide on how to optimize social media for business. I signed up to a one-to-one training course that covered content strategy, content planning and how to achieve digital marketing objectives. Kirsty made it accessible, relaxed and fun. I highly recommend her services.

-Kiki Kowalski

If you’re struggling to attract and convert clients online, the chances are that big picture goals and targets are getting lost in the day to day. All the little (yet important) details like writing copy, scheduling posts and learning how to Tik Tok are distracting away from the end goal.

Every time you feel this way it results in:

  • Dips in your confidence
  • Demotivation
  • Inconsistent results


Imagine having a simplified sales machine, designed to attract, nurture and convert more of the right people consistently into your consultancy packages or services.

Okay…. But how will this actually change things for me?

Maybe you’ve already tried different marketing strategies, but you’re STILL struggling to sell your services…

It’s time to step back and see the whole picture.

Knowing how to use social media is just one piece of the puzzle.

Kirsty will teach you not only how to leverage social media, but also how to:

Create an irresistible lead magnet so you can attract more of the right people to your email list and generate more leads.

Set up a high-converting email nurture sequence so you can warm up these cold leads and lead them to that next step.

Create different types of content depending on where people are in the customer journey.

You will learn how social, email and core content all work together and how to leverage all three in your marketing using Kirsty’s Digital Trinity Strategy.

You won’t just get one part of the puzzle. You’ll get the whole picture.

Social Media Mentoring packages are perfect for you if..



You’re a service-based business owner ready to sign more consistent clients so that you can create a more predictable income.

You’re a marketer dealing with limited budget and resources, with a need to demonstrate tangible ROI for digital marketing initiatives.

You’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever-evolving online marketing landscape. You need support to develop and implement a proven framework.


You’re in the process of creating your course or group program or have already created one but are struggling to sell it.

Walk into every month confident that you can hit your goals and say goodbye to:

Struggling to engage and connect with the target audience effectively.

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-evolving online marketing landscape.

Any concerns about the effectiveness of current social media efforts.

A wee note from Kirsty
(who’s been in your shoes….)

I’ve been on a mission to solve the digital marketing puzzle since 2017. From mastering social media management to copywriting, understanding tech set ups to email nurture, sales page tactics to Facebook and Instagram advertising.  With me as your guide, let’s get you the results you deserve. 

Can’t wait to support you!