If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve poured a lot of time and money into your social media marketing efforts. You might have even hired someone to do it for you.

Social Media is about connection and building relationships. So if it’s not working the way that you want it to work, then maybe it’s because you’re not being human enough.

Here are some ways that you can improve your social media marketing by being more human!

#1 Don’t be afraid to show your personality, even on your business profile! Never forget, people buy from people. Just as in life, you will appeal to some people more than others. And that’s ok! Much better to be your authentic self than to try to be someone you ‘think’ people may want to see.

#2 Tell stories. Talk about your business journey, the back story to your products or your first sale. Talk about your why – why do you have your own business?

#3 Actively encourage DMs (direct messages). Every post needs a call to action. Ensure to choose ‘drop me a DM’ from time to time. For example, ‘drop me a DM if you relate’ or ‘drop me a DM if you’d like to know more’. Then use this opportunity to talk to your audience 1 to 1 and get to know them better.

Tip – yes, direct messages can be time consuming, but these one to one conversations are the start of your sales journey. Talk to the people who contact you, make them feel special, always being genuine.

#4 Use the Instagram Stories features to encourage more conversations – ask questions using the question sticker. Be authentic and genuinely caring in your responses.

#5 When someone comments on your posts, extend the conversation, just as you would in real life. Ask a question back, let your personality shine through.

#6 Use emojis. All too often things can be mis-interpreted online, and using emojis to depict a sentiment or facial expressions can go a long way.

#7 Listen to people. You may occasionally receive negative comments or messages. If people feel heard and understood it can take the anger out of a situation. If comments are public, take them into private one to one messaging if you can.

#8 Be relaxed about mistakes and talk about them in your content.

#9 Show people the real you and things you are passionate about. Don’t forget, people buy from people!

#10 Try video! It’s the easiest and most authentic way to connect. Yes it can be scary at first. But once you forget to wonder what everyone will think of you, and you lean right into why you run the business you run, you can deliver real value and make very powerful connection with the people you are here to help.

Oooh #11! Use voice noting in DMs. You can deliver much more personality and better help the person by talking rather than typing.

#12 Always read what you write back to yourself out loud. Consider if you would say it like you’ve written when talking to someone in real life. Does it feel conversational?

If you’ve been feeling like your social media marketing is not as fruitful as it could be, don’t lose hope.

There are a few reasons why this may be happening and its usually easy to figure out.

I would love to hear more about some of the struggles you’ve faced with connecting authentically online and provide feedback based on my experience working in social media for the past 4 years.

Book a free discovery call with me if you’re ready to improve your social media marketing or feel free to drop me a DM over here.