If you have a Facebook™ page for business, then it is important to take the necessary steps to protect it. It’s not only the loss of your Page which can be soul destroying, but worse. If you have an ad account, your money is at risk.

How can I keep my Facebook™ Page more secure?

Here are 9 steps that will help you be more secure.

1) Ensure your passwords are super secure and regularly update them.

2) Keep your devices updated with the latest version of the apps (which usually includes security updates)

3) Set up 2 factor authentication for your personal Facebook™ profile. This requires you to enter a code each time you want to log in. Here’s how – https://www.facebook.com/help/148233965247823

4) As Instagram™ and Facebook™ are linked, it is important to be safe here too. Set up 2 factor authentication for your linked business Instagram account. Here’s how – https://help.instagram.com/566810106808145

5) Set up a Business Manager for your Facebook™ assets. This is a portal where your Pages, Ad Accounts, Catalogues, Instagram accounts and people associated with your assets all sit together. Here is the link to Business Manager – https://business.facebook.com/

6) It’s very important to enable 2 factor authentication once you have a Facebook™ Business Manager. This enables you to check that everyone in the Business Manager has 2 factor authentication. So you have peace of mind that your business assets are secure. Here is how to do this – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2169003770027706?id=2190812977867143

7) Regularly check that you only have people assigned to your assets that need access. You should have a process flow in place to remove people’s access once they no longer need it.

8) Going forward, don’t add people to your Page through the Page settings / roles. Add them through your Business Manager. Then you have assurance that they have 2 factor authentication enabled. Here’s how – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2169003770027706?id=2190812977867143

9) Don’t use fake profiles to assign to Pages. There is no need – you never interact as yourself. You always interact as your page. Having a fake profile also goes against Facebook™’s Terms of Service.

Facebook™ set ups can be complicated and messy if they haven’t been done right. You can spend hours trying to figure it all out if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you want to save time and have an expert figure it all out for you, telling you the exact steps to take, get in touch.

Here’s what one happy client had to say after using my service:

Kirsty was fantastic with helping me to tidy up and streamline my multiple Facebook Business Managers, which were quite frankly – a mess. I feel so much more in control and organised now and ready to move forward and would highly recommend her services.

Lyndsay France, Co-owner and Trainer at Puppy Training Club