In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing the latest trends and trying to be everywhere at once. With the ever-growing list of social media platforms and digital channels available, it can be overwhelming for businesses to decide where to focus their efforts.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why email marketing and social media should not be viewed as an “either/or” choice but rather as complementary tactics in a powerful marketing strategy.

The Stats Speak Volumes

Let’s start with some eye-opening statistics:

  1. Email Preferred by B2B Buyers: According to Smart Insights, a staggering 77% of B2B buyers prefer to be contacted via email. This preference is more than double that of any other communication channel (source: Smart Insights)
  2. Underutilised Email Newsletters: Surprisingly, only 31% of marketers consider email newsletters as a top channel for nurturing leads. This means there’s ample room for businesses to capitalize on this powerful tool (source: Smart Insights)
  3. Email’s Morning Ritual: For 58% of users, checking their email is the first thing they do in the morning (source: OptinMonster).

These statistics make a compelling case for the effectiveness of email marketing in reaching and engaging with your audience.

Social Media and FOMO

Now, let’s address the fear of missing out (FOMO) that often plagues business owners when it comes to social media. Many feel the pressure to be on every platform, from TikTok to Instagram and beyond. However, a closer look reveals some interesting insights:

  • Only 0.1% of users are unique to TikTok.
  • 83% of TikTok users are also active on Facebook.
  • 83% of TikTok users are also using Instagram

(source: Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, We Are Social/Meltwater).

Social media platform audience overlaps

These numbers show that there’s significant overlap among social media platforms. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, consider focusing on one or two key social platforms where your target audience is most active.

A Streamlined Approach

So, what’s the solution? Instead of trying to be on every social media platform, consider a streamlined approach that prioritizes the following three elements:

  1. 1 or 2 Key Social Platforms: Identify the platforms where your audience is most engaged and allocate your resources accordingly. Quality over quantity is key.
  2. Email Marketing: Harness the power of email to nurture leads, engage with customers, and deliver valuable content directly to their inboxes.
  3. Consistent Core Content: Create and host one consistent piece of high-quality core content on your website, podcast channel, or YouTube. This content serves as the anchor for your marketing efforts, attracting and retaining your audience.

Thinking Differently

We understand that choosing the right platforms can be challenging, and it’s easy to become discouraged in the ever-evolving digital landscape. However, sometimes the answer lies in looking at things from a different perspective.

To help you navigate this strategy, Kirsty has developed a short 3-part video series outlining the approach mentioned above. You can access the free training here.

A final thought

In conclusion, while email marketing and social media may seem like separate entities, they work powerfully together to supercharge your marketing efforts.

By focusing on the platforms that matter most to your audience, leveraging the potential of email, and creating consistent, valuable content, you’ll be well on your way to a winning marketing strategy in the digital age.

Don’t let FOMO dictate your choices—embrace a balanced approach that maximizes your ROI and keeps your audience engaged.

And a final thought… be patient. You’re looking at 6-9 months to fully understand if a new marketing strategy is creating return on investment.

Thinking of refreshing your social media or digital marketing strategy? Book a free chat with Kirsty to talk through her proven strategies. She’s been where you are – if it’s strategic guidance you need, you won’t regret it!