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Meet Kirsty Lawrence, Founder and Lead Strategist

Hi, I’m Kirsty, founder of Mann Social and based in the beautiful Isle of Man.
I’m passionate about the impact social media marketing can have on business growth.
I love solving the social media puzzle for my clients who describe me as professional, innovative and a fountain of knowledge!
I get a real buzz when I see the results start to come in for my clients. It’s getting results that continues to inspire me in this fascinating world of digital marketing.
If you’re looking for a strong combination of creativity and process, let’s chat.
Kirsty qualified as a social media marketer through the esteemed Digital Mums programme and continually invests in furthering her knowledge. She sees it as an important responsibility in this ever-changing industry.
In addition to consulting businesses to improve their digital marketing, Kirsty also guides, train and mentors business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing teams on improving their social media marketing skills.
Previously Kirsty was a music teacher and also worked on projects for an oil and gas consultancy, a finance start-up and local government.
When not solving social media puzzles, Kirsty plays music. She can often be found in ‘the pit’ of the beautiful Gaiety Theatre, on stages at Celtic music festivals around Europe, or the local trad sessions.
I’m very lucky to call the Isle of Man home. I love to walk on the magnificent Manx beaches, in the hills, swim in the Irish Sea and ski in the Alps.”

How it all began

Kirsty launched Mann Social with the belief that anything is possible and it has served us well.
She was made redundant in 2016. Her little boy was one month old and she panicked as she knew that finding fulfilling part-time work would be challenging.
She channelled her energy into finding a solution, and Mann Social was born.
A business idea starts with a problem. Hers was interesting. She recognised that social media represents a huge opportunity for all businesses to compete on a level playing field. But often business owners and marketers don’t have the time to figure out how to leverage its full potential.
After five years of running a successful social media agency by herself, advising businesses and government departments on how to reach more audiences, Kirsty decided to grow her business.
Mann Social now is a team of two full-time experts with a wide network of talented associates whose skills and knowledge cover the breadth of digital marketing.
At Mann Social we take the overwhelm away and help you to leverage the power of digital marketing to transform your business.
We don’t do mediocre! Our caring attitude often costs us, but we are proud to deliver the very best solutions, to the highest quality.
As your trusted partner we love to dig deep into what makes your business tick, revealing digital marketing to attract your ideal clients, or other ways to power up your business.
We care about your business every step of the way, generously sharing our knowledge as we go.

Our values

Making a difference

Projects where we can make a real difference fill us with joy. This is where we work best and strongest.

Working with integrity

We do what is best for your business. If we are not comfortable with an approach, we will tell you. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

We’re in this together

We work openly and collaboratively. We spill all our secrets; it’s our shortcut to success. We draw on the expertise of talented digital marketers in our network when required.

Strive for excellence

From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We are proud to be the agency that our clients trust to get the job done right.

“I get a real buzz when I see the results start to come in for my clients. It’s getting results that continues to inspire me in this fascinating world of digital marketing.”

Kirsty Lawrence


“You’re a joy to work with and totally genuine, I always feels like I’m talking to the REAL you and getting honest answers, which I value highly.”

Kate Pollitt

Desire Branding